Hyperbaric therapy as support for children with autism

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Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impaired social interactions, communication difficulties, and repetitive and restrictive behaviors. Epidemiological studies have shown an increase in the prevalence of autism in recent years. These facts may explain why parents of children with autism are more inclined to seek alternative and non-standard medical therapies to support their children in better functioning.

One of the non-standard therapies that has recently gained popularity as a support for autism is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). It can be an effective way to support the development and functioning of children with autism.

In some studies, the use of oxygen appears to enhance neurological functions. The most significant improvements were observed in children with initially higher levels of C-reactive protein, which the liver produces in response to inflammation. Improvements were seen in motivation, speech, sensory/cognitive awareness, hyperactivity, and social withdrawal. These improvements were noticeable in various areas.

What is hyperbaria?

Hyperbaria is a type of oxygen therapy that involves breathing pure oxygen while being in an environment with increased atmospheric pressure. During such therapy, the patient breathes pure oxygen, leading to an increased amount of dissolved oxygen in the blood, which can result in various health benefits, including:

• accelerating wound and burn healing
• improving blood circulation
• reducing inflammation
• enhancing brain function
• strengthening the immune system

Hyperbaria can help overcome the effects of cerebral hypoperfusion – a condition in which brain does not receive an adequate amount of blood. This can facilitate the delivery of more oxygen to the brain, promoting the formation of new blood vessels, which in turn allows for better transport of oxygen and nutrients to all cells and tissues in the body.

Benefits of hyperbaric sessions for children with autism

Adequate brain oxygenation can support reparative and regenerative processes in nerve cells, ultimately contributing to improved sensory integration and cognitive abilities. Enhancing these functions can help children cope with daily challenges related to learning, communication and social interaction.

Increased pressure in the hyperbaric chamber can also influence the balance and stabilization of neurochemical mechanisms that are often disrupted in children with autism. This may lead to a reduction in problematic behaviors, including repetitive behaviors, irritability, aggression and anxiety.

Children with autism may struggle with speaking, understanding speech and communicating with others. Hyperbaria can help improve skills by increasing blood flow to the brain and enhancing cognitive functions. This can result in greater verbal expression of emotions, improved verbal understanding and better verbal and non-verbal communication. As a result, children with autism may find it easier to connect with others and express theirs needs and emotions.

Hyperbaric therapy is a supportive treatment which can help children with autism spectrum in their daily functioning.

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