Normobaric chambers
by Normotech 

Producer of normobaric chambers and bedrooms.
We specialize in the production and assembly of normobaric systems
used to change the composition of the atmosphere along with
a comprehensive interior finish in accordance with customer preferences.


Our offer includes professionally made bio-regenerative systems in several product variants. We provide support at every stage of implementation. Qualified staff supervises the safety, quality and timely implementation of each project. We encourage everyone interested to cooperate with us. We are happy to provide detailed explanations regarding modern, non-invasive healing technology.

We offer the implementation and assembly of a normobaric system that allows you to change the composition and pressure of the atmosphere in the form of a normobaric bedroom for hotels and private houses, which are an integral part of the building, as well as normobaric systems oriented on the provision of bio-regenerative services, which can be independent facilities.

The offer includes the basic form of systems that the customer can arrange and equip himself and which are already finished turnkey and ready to use.

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Normotech technology

The Normotech brand provides the latest technologies for Long Life projects. The main goal is to develop energy-efficient and high-performance normobaric chamber systems. Constant development, analysis of new products on the market and commitment to improving the quality of offered services translates into innovative solutions in implemented projects.

Technical description

Over-ground-installed single-shell vessel made of carbon steel
Attestation by PZH (National Institute of Hygiene)
Polyurethane insulation
Anti-corrosion protection
Fire protection
Installation manholes
Emergency lighting


Acrylic board ceiling LED-illuminated
PVC floor covering
Walls finish in a selected color
Armchairs and couches with sleeping function
Furniture (toilet, kitchen annexe, shelves, cabinets, cupboards)
Option of dividing the chamber into rooms


Normotech normobaria control system
Customers counting system
Voice communication system
Monitoring/surveillance system
Fire prevention system
Flooding prevention system


Water supply installation
Sewage system
Electrical power supply system


Consumer electronics (RTV and audio)
REDOX water machine
External windows equipped with roller blinds
Air cleaner (purifier)
Operator’s panels

1000 hPa
Atmospheric pressure

A possibility to stay without limitations and medical consultation.

Hydrogen concentration

Hydrogen inhibits skin aging and helps in the treatment of heart diseases.

Atmosphere inside the chamber

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30 %
Oxygen content

By properly oxygenating cells, your body will receive a huge dose of energy as well as it will boost your metabolism.

0 %
Carbon dioxide concentration

Thanks to which your body will absorb oxygen even faster.

How does normobaria affect our health?

Providing the body with more oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen means that the very first treatment of normobaric oxygen therapy affects much better oxygenation of cells. This directly helps to improve their overall condition and significantly reduces any inflammation in the body. The development of new blood vessels is also accelerated.

Benefits of using normobaria chambers

komórki macierzyste

Cell renewal

Increases the level of stem cells in the body.



Keeps you healthy and in good shape.



Accelerates regeneration and improves efficiency.



Improves the health after injuries and reduces swelling of damaged tissues.



Prevents aging and improves metabolism. Contributes to the production of collagen and elastin.

Why is it worth buying normobaric chambers?

normobaric chamber

Oxygen therapy as an effective rehabilitation after COVID-19

Even several normobaric procedures are able to restore the proper state of cell oxygenation. The session in Long Life normobaric chamber not only supports and regenerates the body, but also allows you to fully relax. Pleasant interior, comfortable armchairs, relaxing music flowing from the speakers reduces the level of stress and has a great effect on the psyche.

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Rehabilitacja tlenem po pandemii covid

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